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Connecting with Elemental Energy through Meditation

 So I just realised it's been 10 years since this... It feels like a lifetime ago, and working with elemental energies through meditation to raise power in ritual, heal, focus, and feel a greater connection with deity is something I've continued to work with over the past decade. So, I thought this might be nice to explore in more depth. On Sunday morning (10am GMT) I will be hosting this online workshop. It will run over Zoom and you can choose to pay anything from 1p to... well whatever you want lol. To register simply click here to send "1p or whatever" and you will receive a link to join the workshop to the email associated with your Paypal between 9:45 and 9:55 on Sunday (26th September) morning. The workshop will last approximately 2 hours.

Reiki Courses at Elula, Newcastle

Happy to announce that Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki level 1, level 2, and Master level courses will be returning to Elula in January and February next year. This time we are adding zoom support classes prior to each in-person day at Elula to make sure you get as good an experience as possible and come away from your attunements feeling confident in your new skill set. Level 1 - 14th January 2022 Level 1 is designed to help you use Reiki as a tool in your everyday life and for your own self care and personal growth, as well as with friends and family members. There will be 2-3 Zoom meetings throughout January (we'll tailor dates and times to suit participants) discussing the history of Reiki, how to bring it into your day to day life, and what has lead you to starting your Reiki journey. On the 15th January participants will all meet in person at Elula to have their full attunement to Level 1. £85 or 2 payments of £45 (full payment must be made before course) Level 2 - 26th Fe