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May 2018

May 2018 1st: Beltane/ The word Beltane originates from Celtic and Gaelic words meaning ‘bright fire’, and is celebrated by the lighting of bonfires. It is a celebration of life, the earth is in full bloom and the days are long. It is a time to celebrate all the you have been given and all you have achieved. It is also a time to look at the parts of your life in which you feel less fulfilled and make positive plans to address this. Beltane is also a festival of fertility, when the God and Goddess join together. 15th: New Moon 29th: Full Moon Marks the start of the month of  Ærraliða.  As we've almost completed our move from the old site, please remember to join our Discord group and although some of you are still supporting the site via the old membership tiers (thank you), you can now support us via  Patreon .

The Minor Arcana (Tarot Part 2)

Welcome to The Minor Arcana (Tarot Part 2) course! As with all of our courses it's totally free to study, however if you would like a certificate and tutor feedback, please ensure you do all of the assignments along the way to forward to us at the end of the course (the certification fee for this course is £12). The aim of this course is to allow you to progress in reading Tarot using the Minor Arcana cards of any traditionally structured deck. In order to complete this course you will need to refer to "Quick and Easy Tarot" by Lily Oak. There is an audio book version available for free on our " Publications " page, along with links to print and ebook versions. Spend time looking through your deck and familiarising yourself with the cards. Answer the following questions: Does any suit, number, or figure resonate strongly with you? Why do you think this may be? Do you get any additional meanings from any suit, number or figure?