Introduction to Magical Ritual

Welcome to Introduction to Magical Ritual course! As with all of our courses it's totally free to study, however if you would like a certificate and tutor feedback, please ensure you do all of the assignments along the way to forward to us at the end of the course (the certification fee for this course is £10).

The aim of this course is to allow you to start exploring magic and ritual, and give you a foundation to continue further learning from.

In order to complete this course you will need to refer to "Witchery" by Lily Oak. There is an audio book version available for free on our "Publications" page, along with links to print and ebook versions.

Answer the following questions:
What do you believe magic is?
Why do you want to study it and learn more about it?

Pick a magical date (Full Moon/New Moon/Festival) and create an altar to celebrate it.
Answer the following questions:
What did you place on your altar and why?
Was there anything you thought about including but didn't, why was this?
Is there anything you'd have liked to included but couldn't, why, did you use a substitute?

Create a ritual for yourself.
Answer the following questions:
What was the intention of your ritual?
How do you feel since you have completed your ritual?
Is there anything you would change should you do a similar ritual in the future?

Now you have completed the course, it you would like to has a tutor look over your assignments, provide feedback, and receive a certificate, you can order this using the button below. Once you have ordered, you will be sent an email address and reference number to allow you to send in your assignments.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this course.

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