The Major Arcana (Tarot Part 1)

Welcome to The Major Arcana (Tarot Part 1) course! As with all of our courses it's totally free to study, however if you would like a certificate and tutor feedback, please ensure you do all of the assignments along the way to forward to us at the end of the course (the certification fee for this course is £12).

The aim of this course is to allow you to start reading Tarot using the Major Arcana cards of any traditionally structured deck.

Card Meanings

0. “The Fool”
Right way up: Potential and new beginnings.
Inverted: Foolishness and a lack of thought or planning.
1. “The Magician”
Right way up: Progress and confidence.
Inverted: Hesitation and running away from problems.
2. “The High Priestess”
Right way up: A woman or female energy, or a secret or answer being revealed.
Inverted: High emotions and irrational behaviour.
3. “The Empress”
Right way up: Stability, growth and creativity.
Inverted: Domestic or career difficulties.
4. “The Emperor”
Right way up: Success, power and strength of will.
Inverted: Weakness and submission.
5. “The High Priest”
Right way up: Wisdom, insight, understanding or a teacher.
Inverted: Lies and misleading advice.
6. “The Lovers”
Right way up: Partnership, relationship progressing
Inverted: Bad decision or relationship problems
7. “The Chariot”
Right way up: Achievement, a goal reached or travel
Inverted: Ruthlessness
8. “Justice”
Right way up: Balance, common sense or that you will be judged
Inverted: Injustice or unfair treatment
9. “The Hermit”
Right way up: Re-evaluation, “taking stock” of a situation, introspection
Inverted: Refusal to take advice or rushing a decision
10. “The Wheel of Fortune”
Right way up: Situations changing and resolving
Introverted: Unfortunate changes
11. “Strength”
Right way up: Courage in the face of difficulties and self belief
Introverted: Failing in the face of obstacles
12. “The Hanged Man”
Right way up: Sacrifice or taking a worthwhile risk
Inverted: Greed or selfishness leading to misfortune
13. “Death”
Right way up: New understanding, development and re-birth
Inverted: Destruction
14: “Temperance”
Right way up: Balance, finding a solution to complex issues
Inverted: Lack of harmony
15: “The Devil”
Right way up: Turning the bad into the good
Inverted: Impulsiveness or lack of responsibility
16: “The Tower”
Right way up: Rebuilding, gaining knowledge from things gone wrong
Inverted: Ruin brought upon yourself
17: “The Star”
Right way up: Timely god luck or a new solution
Inverted: Missing an opportunity
18: “The Moon”
Right way up: Intuition and trust in your feelings
Inverted: Over rationalising
19: “The Sun”
Right way up: Triumph, reward for hard work and dedication
Inverted: False success or failure
20: “Judgement”
Right way up: Achievement of goals bringing self-development, serenity and new beginnings
Inverted: Regret or recriminations
21: “The World”
Right way up: Completion and fulfilment
Inverted: Inability to progress, failure, & obstacles


1: The present
2: The past
3: The future

1: Heart (emotions)
2: Mind (thoughts)
3: Soul (instinct)

1: A week
2: A month
3: A season

Now you have completed the course, it you would like to has a tutor look over your assignments, provide feedback, and receive a certificate, you can order this using the button below. Once you have ordered, you will be sent an email address and reference number to allow you to send in your assignments.  

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this course

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