An Introduction to Journeying

Welcome to the Introduction to Journeying course! As with all of our courses it's totally free to study, however if you would like a certificate and tutor feedback, please ensure you do all of the assignments along the way to forward to us at the end of the course (the certification fee for this course is £20).

The aim of this course is to introduce you to the practice of journeying. It is something that has many different descriptions, some call it "shamanic", some call it "flying". It is a practice that, in various guises, seems to be present in a whole host of historic cultures.

First Assignment
By now you will have listened to/watched the sections of the course that cover grounding and balancing work. Before you go onto the next section of the course, I thought I'd add in a assignment at this point to see how you're getting to grips with things.
As well as practicing grounding/balancing via meditation, also try to do this via environmental elemental contact.
 Answer the following questions:
- Are you finding you prefer meditation or environmental methods of grounding/balancing? Why?
- Are you finding any benefits of regular grounding work? What are these?
- Has anything un-prompted appeared during the meditations? How do you feel abut this?

Second Assignment
By now you will have been to your gateway place and met with at least one of your guides. People are often surprised by the way their gateway place appeared to them and often their guide does not take a form they expected.
As well as meeting your Spirit Guide, try to build a stronger connection to them via one of the creative methods suggested in the tutorial video.
Answer the following questions:
- How did you try to further connect with your guide? Did you find that this helped you to feel closer/more connected with them?
- What form did your guide take? What do you think this represents about you or your current life situations?
- Did your gateway place appear exactly as it does in the physical world? If not how did it differ?

As I mentioned previously keeping a diary of what you experienced whilst journeying is very important. Click here to download some templates you can work from. However you choose to keep your diary remember to note down your feelings to what you encountered you can always go back and interrupt later, but recalling an initial emotional response is more difficult.  

Third Assignment
By now you will have started to utilises journeying, your guides and grounding/balancing techniques more fully. This assignment is designed to help you look at what you're getting out of the process, and how you will integrate it into your life after completing the course.
Answer the following questions:
- Now that you have done a number of journeying exercises, which one have been most effective and which ones you have enjoyed the most?
- Considering these factors, when/where/how you are going to utilise these new skills on a regular basis?

Now you have completed the course, it you would like to has a tutor look over your assignements, provide fedback, and recieve a certificate, you can order this using the button below. Once you have ordered, you will be sent an email address and reference number to allow you to send in your assignments.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this course.

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